NiSi Hard Case for 100mm Filters Third Generation V3 III

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  • Hold up to 8 filter (100x100mm or 100x150mm)
  • Inner filter separators with an adapter for 100x100mm filter
  • Improved design and resistant to high pressures
  • Tripod strap to mount the case to any tripod
  • Hard plastic cover with Snowflake Cloth

Hard filter case for 100mm filters

The Hard 100mm filter case III (Snowflake Cloth) is the perfect accessory to safely store and transport your 100mm ND and GND filters. The brand new version of this case carries up to 8 100x100mm or 100x150mm filters. Equipped with a Tripod strap to mount the case to any tripod, it can be carried attached to your belt or tripod.

The NiSi Hard Case for 8 Filters (100x100mm or 100x150mm) Third Generation III is designed to provide a safe storage solution for up to eight NiSi 100 x 100mm or 100 x 150mm filters.

NiSi Filters Box comes with eight filter slots containing an individual acrylic plate in each slot that can be removed to hold a 100x150mm filter, or left in place to hold a 100x100mm filter. The filter slots keep each individual filter in a safe place and prevent them from touching other filters in the box.  It features a tripod strap to easily and quickly allow access to filters mounted on the tripod.

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