NiSi 62mm Adapterring für NiSi V3/C4/V5/V5 Pro/V6 100mm Filterhalter

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  • NiSi 62mm Adapter für NiSi 100mm V5/V5 Pro/V6/C4
  • Korrosionsbeständiges eloxiertes Aluminium

Der Adapter NiSi 62mm für NiSi 100mm V5/V5 Pro/V6/C4 ermöglicht die Verwendung von 62mm Filtergewindelinsen für die NiSi 100mm V5, V5 Pro, V6 oder C4. Es verfügt über eine leichte Aluminiumlegierungskonstruktion, die eine korrosionsbeständige, schwarze eloxierte Oberfläche für Haltbarkeit aufweist.

Customer Reviews

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Cath Thomas
62 mm NiSi Adapter Ring

I ordered the 62 mm NiSi Adapter Ring 4 weeks but it never arrived. I was asked to submit a survey and initially scored the CFI team with one star. Within an hour, they had called to check in on my order and advised that this was an An Post issue - I have absolutely no reason to disbelieve this. Moreover, they advised that they would resend the Adapter Ring and I have had notification that it is on its way. I have been advised that there will be a follow up call to check that the ring has been delivered safely. Although I'm still waiting on the ring (should be with me this week), I have to praise the CFI team for their professionalism and customer care. The fact that the original order was never received has NOT put me off ordering from this team again and I would recommend them for their customer care alone. CFI Team: thank you for resolving this issue - especially given that the adapter ring order is probably quite negligible in greater scheme of things! All the best with your business going forwards, Cath

Thank you Cath, we are glad to be able to help resolve this issue. If not contacted by a customer we do not know about a late delivery, so are very glad our follow up review process caught this issue for you. Delighted to hear that BOTH the original order and replacement arrived at the same time, clearly an An Post delivery issue as advised by our award winning customer support. Stay safe and hope you get out soon.

Alfonso José Delgado Comín
El pedido ha llegado correctamente y dentro del plazo indicado.

El pedido ha llegado correctamente y dentro del plazo indicado. Un servicio de atención muy correcto.

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