NiSi Filter Nano coating Cleaning Kit

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Kit for cleaning Optical Glass, Lenses and LCD screens
  • This kit includes 6 optical cleaning cloths and 1 bottle of Nano Cleaning solution
  • Eco-sustainable solution (not flammable)
  • Nano Optical Residue-free and Abrasion-free NiSi Formula
  • Specially designed for Nano coated glass filters
  • It does not damage multi-coatings and nano-coatings
  • Forms a protective coat on the surfaces
  • It can be used for cleaning LCD screens, Tablet screens, Smartphones, Cameras, Lenses
  • Non-flammable, poison-free and alcohol-free

Nano Optical Cleaning Kit

Clean your filters, camera lenses and LCD screens effectively with our NiSi Nano Optical Cleaning Kit. Thanks to the Nano cleaning solution made by NiSi, cleaning is very effective in the case of oils, splashes of seawater, fingerprints and other substances that are difficult to clean. Before using the Nano Optical Cleaning Kit it is necessary to make sure that you have eliminated any solid particles that could damage the filter surface with the NiSi Lens Pen and Blower. With our Residue-free formula for fast cleaning and abrasion-free, having your filters neat have never been that simple. Gently spray the solution on the Filter/Lens/LDC of your choice and wipe it using the optical cleaning cloth as shown on the video below

The kit includes 6 optical cleaning cloths and 1 bottle of Nano Cleaning solution

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