NiSi 58mm Close Up Lens Kit NC (with 49mm / 52mm adaptors)

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  • Allows a telephoto lens function as a macro lens
  • Compatible with a zoom or prime lenses in the focal length range of 35 – 250mm (full frame equivalent)
  • Best working distance: 9-22cm
  • Mounts on any lens with a 58mm thread
  • Includes 49mm and 52mm adaptors
  • Double optical corrective glass
  • Apochromatic Design
  • Muti-nano Coating
  • Available for lenses with 58mm filter thread
  • Diopters +5

The NiSi Close Up Lens Kit NC 58mm (with 49 and 52mm adaptors) is the most effective way to achieve a closer minimal focal distance. The magnification achieved depends on the focal range of lenses. It will be higher with longer focal lengths. The diopters of NiSi 58mm Close-up
lens is +5 and is made of double optical corrective glass with apochromatic design and muti-nano coating. This enables advanced resolution, natural color with almost no purple/green fringing both within focus and In bokeh.

The magnification will be 1:1 at a focal length of 120mm.

The NiSi Close Up Lens Kit NC 58mm (with 49 and 52mm adaptors) has no vignetting at 35mm on a full-frame sensor camera and 24mm on a APS-C sensor camera.

The 58mm Close Up Lens is available for:

1. Lenses with 58mm filter thread. Focal length 24-250mm prime/zoom/macro
tenses for APS-C frame.

2. Lenses with 58mm filter thread. Focal length 35-250mm prime/zoom/macro
lenses for full frame.

3. Macro lenses with a filter thread of 58mm with a focal length over 50mm

We recommend a working distance of 9-22cm.

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