NiSi 10 Stop 3.0 Neutral Density Filter 70x80mm

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Ultra-low level of colour cast
Very low reflexes
Water and fat resistant coatings
No vignetting
NANO coatings on both sides of the filter
Japanese H-K9L Optical Glass

NISI NANO IR filters are specially designed for landscape photographers. They are made of high-quality Japanese optical glass (H-K9L) with NANO coatings, which prevent the loss of even a single, smallest detail, and importantly do not have a color domino. NISI filters are double-sided grinding and polished for excellent image sharpness and eliminate reflections. The latest high-temperature coating technology ensures perfectly smooth gradient transitions. The filters also have antistatic, hydrophobic, and oily-resistant protective coating, while being very easy to clean.

Using ND filters, the camera is particularly sensitive to infrared light, which will be visible in photos in the form of an unwanted red glow, which is why NISI has added an infrared protection layer (IR) to its filters, which helps eliminate infrared light on the prism and restore the natural colors of the scenery. In addition, square filters (70×70, 70×80, 100×100, 150×150, 180×180) have gaskets that prevent light from getting under the filter.

Nisi 70mm filters can be used with the NISI M1 handle. The entire system is designed for users of lenses with smaller diameters, such as those found in compact cameras and so-called mirrorless cameras.

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