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  • Hold up to 4 circular filters (up to 95mm)
  • Lightweight design
  • Can be mounted to a tripod for easy access and use
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Fits easily in your camera bag
  • capable of holding 4 number 100mm x 100mm filters.

The NiSi Circular Filter Pouch for 4 Filters is designed for any circular filters up to 95mm. It can be conveniently mounted on a tripod leg for easy access and use and is designed from a lightweight material that protects your filters. The pouch can hold up to 4 filters a features filter slots that keep each individual filters safe and prevent them from scratching in the pouch.

Also capable of holding 4 number 100mm x 100mm filters.

The Case for Four Filters from NiSi is designed to hold as many as four round filters up to 95mm. It can also hold four 100 x 100mm filters. One of the compartments can hold one thicker filter such as a variable ND or orange + blue polarizer. The case features a rugged canvas exterior, a soft synthetic interior, and a strap on the back, allowing the case to attach to a tripod leg or bag strap.

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