NiSi V6 100mm Filter Holder Kit (Pro CPL)

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  • Compact design that allows easy removal of the ND in the first slot
  • Slides redesigned for a easy insertion of the filters
  • Locking the rotation of the holder by means of a safety screw
  • CNC machined single block of matte black coated aeronautical aluminium
  • The kit includes
    • Holder for 3 x 100mm filters,
    • 1 x 82mm ring with polarising adjustment,
    • 1 x standard polarising filter (removable),
    • 3 x adapter rings (67/72/77),
    • 1 x soft case
  • Patented technology to adjust the CPL filter (included) by means of the independent rotation of a gear.
  • Polariser can also be adjusted after mounting the filters.
  • High build quality and mechanical vignetting absent at 16 / 17mm on Full Frame or 10 / 11mm on DX / APS-C (* See below for some lenses)

NiSi V6 with Standard Polariser

The NiSi V6 100mm filter holder system is the most advanced 100mm filter holder on the market made with unprecedented construction quality. All the experience of the V3, V5 and V5 Pro filter holders has been used in the production of the NiSi V6, listening to the requests of the many photographers who every day rely on the quality of the NiSi products. The holder for 100mm NiSi V6 filters allows the use of up to 3 square filters and a circular polarising filter at the same time without vignetting problems. The NiSi V6 allows to mount up to four filters (3 ND or GND and 1 Polariser) without any vignetting at 16mm on Full Frame. It is the perfect holder for lenses such as the Canon EF 16-35mm f / 2.8L II USM, the Canon EF 16-35mm f / 4L IS USM, the Sony FE 16-35mm f / 2.8 GM, the Sony FE 16- 35mm f / 4 ZA OSS, the Nikon AF-S 16-35mm f / 4 G ED VR, the Nikon AF-S 17-35mm f / 2.8 D ED and many other lenses also APS-C with a minimum focal length of 10-11 mm . Vignetting is absent at all rotations, making the V6 a unique holder with impeccable design and construction.

The structure of the holder is made of a CNC machined single block of aeronautical aluminium and is coated with a matt black protective paint to minimise unwanted reflections. In addition, the 82mm ring where the polariser is screwed in has been improved to make this operation even easier, while maintaining the effectiveness and integrity of the thread.

The kit consists of the Holder, the 82mm main ring and 77, 72 and 67mm adapter rings. Also included in the price is the circular Landscape polarising filter which screws directly to the 82mm main ring. The mechanical transmission system, invented by NiSi already with the V3, allows you to adjust the degree of polarisation without having to remove the filters. The polariser is removable if not necessary. Complimentary soft carrying case included. You can also mount the NiSi V6 holder on lenses with different diameters, in fact adapter rings starting from 49mm are available separately.

The profile of the V6 filter holder has been redesigned to allow easy removal of the ND filter (which is always in the first slot near the camera) even with mounted GNDs. Furthermore, a second lateral screw allows you to lock the holder in position once you have chosen the desired position. In this way, the filter holder remains securely in position.

The new slides have rails with a continuous profile to avoid situations where the filter jams on the guide, while the lateral pressure allows a secure grip and precise sliding.

The V6 is the newest holder for 100mm NiSi filters and improves upon the still excellent V5 Pro by creating an even more reliable holder, simple to use and with unmatched characteristics.

Attention: due to the high tolerances of the Tokina 11-20 lens with 82mm thread it is necessary to add a spacer ring to ensure the compatibility of the NiSi V6 with this lens. The same adapter can also be used on Tokina 17-35 f / 4, where however vignetting up to about 18mm is introduced.

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The Best Filter Holder bar none

Forget the rest, just buy the best. NiSi just keeps getting better and better, love mine. Got rid of my crappy plastic formatt hitech holder and only use this.

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