NiSi S6 arrives in Ireland, the new S6 Range of 150mm Filter Holder Kits.

NiSi is excited to announce the launch of the new S6 150mm Filter Holder System, which includes filter holders, adapters, and individual S6 filters. The S6 system continues the success of NiSi’s popular S5 system and brings some great new features to an ultra-wide-angle lens setup. It is specially designed for landscape photographers who wish to combine an ultra-wide-angle lens with a filter system supporting multiple filters.

The NiSi S6 system allows the use of two 150mm-wide filters with an integrated rotating circular filter (CPL, UV or circular ND). It has different adapters to suit the popular ultra-wide-angle lenses from manufacturers such as SONY, Canon, Tamron, Sigma and Fujifilm. These adapters can be compatible with the S6 holder as well as the S5 holder, but they are only compatible with the S6 circular filters. In addition, the S6 kits include a free filter pouch and a lens cap.

NiSi Ireland S6 Filter Holder Lens Range

Six features

Octagonal front holder – The design of the front holder has been refined to make it easier to insert, remove and adjust the position of ND filters.

NiSi Ireland S6 150mm Filter Hodler Frame 

New matting treatment – Due to the wide focal length and a large amount of light entering from the bulb head, there is a potential for ghosting and flare to occur when using the filter system. To solve this problem, the S6 system uses flocking material on the main adapter to reduce reflection, ghosting and flare. This is the same as the matting treatment for high-end lens hoods and absorbs light better than using a matting agent.

NiSi Ireland S6 150mm Filter Holder flocking internal

Silver locking ring – There is an oxidised silver rear locking ring which improves appearance.

NiSi S6 150mm filter holder collar silver

New integrated locking system – The newly designed locking system features an integrated wheel, which can be easily rotated to lock the front holder and square filters in position. It feels more natural and easy to use.

NiSi Ireland S6 150mm Filter Holder locking pin swecure 

Filter pouch – The S6 kit includes a compact waterproof filter pouch, which has a flip-top design and can be mounted on a tripod.

NiSi Ireland S6 Filter 150mm Holder Pouch Bag

Lens cap – The S6 kit includes a lens cap dedicated to the S6 system, which is easy to fit and remove while protecting the circular filters and lenses.

NiSi Ireland S6 Filter Holder CPL Lens Cap

More details


The S6 range of filter holder kits include a holder, an adapter mount for the ultra-wide-angle lenses, a CPL (PRO CPL or Landscape CPL), a filter pouch to store the kit and a lens cap. The S6 holder features superb build quality. It is made from aviation-grade aluminum with single element processing by a CNC machine. The Landscape NC CPL for the S6 150mm system is an ultra-HD polariser designed to eliminate reflections and glare effectively when using an ultra-wide-angle lens. It is made using Nitto polarising film, which can increase the saturation of the scene. This CPL of NiSi provides a more uniform polarisation, increases the intensity of polarisation and maintains a more neutral colour balance. It also has a greater haze reduction effect.

NiSi Ireland S6 Landscape CPL

The S6 system has no vignetting and allows full use of the ultra-wide-angle lenses. Both the holder and the circular filters for this system allow very quick installation and removal without removing the lens from the camera.

NiSi S6 Filter Holder on Sony 12-24mm F/2.8 GM


– Specially designed for the ultra-wide-angle lenses

– Allows the use of 2 filters with an integrated rotating circular filter

– Aluminum alloy construction

– Octagonal design front holder makes it easy to insert and remove the filters

– Flocking material used on the main adapter to eliminate reflection, ghosting and flare

– Silver locking ring with a locking screw

– 360-degree rotation with a newly designed locking gear for fixing the filter position

– Rapid installation and quick release

– The kit includes a waterproof filter pouch and a lens cap

– No vignetting



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